Want to donate to the church, but can’t attend services on Sunday to give your offering? No problem. Below are ways you can give to the church.

Give via Check

You are always welcome to put a check in the mail or drop it by the office if you would like to give via check.

Sending us a check via USPS, please send it to:

235 Orvin Lance Dr.

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Give with Bill Pay

If you do online banking, you can set your church contribution through Bill Pay.    

Give Online via Paypal

This is a safe, easy way to give to the church.  (Keep in mind that Paypal charges the church up to 3% of your gift in fees.)

Leave a Lasting Legacy at BRUMC

Have YOU ever considered leaving a lasting legacy to our beloved church?

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Matthew 28:19

What is The Legacy Fellowship?

The Legacy Fellowship is composed of church members and friends who have contributed to the Endowment Fund or have indicated that they have included Blue Ridge UMC in their will or estate plan, whether or not their gift is designated to the Endowment Fund. Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a loved one. An annual event recognizes their commitment to the future ministry of the church. However, this would only be done with the prior approval of the donor. The committee respects the wishes of any donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“In 2002, Louise and I created a Revocable Living Trust which included Pour-Over Wills such that probate will be avoided and nothing will be required of the survivor at the death of the other. This provided great peace of mind to each of us because our desires were thus set in place. Respective residuary beneficiaries were designated as well as the final distribution at the second death. It gives us comfort and satisfaction to know that Blue Ridge United Methodist Church is now among those beneficiaries.” —Randall B


Who Administers and Distributes the Funds?

The Blue Ridge United Methodist Permanent Endowment Committee administers these funds on an ongoing basis and distributions are made based on church endowment policies with the approval of church leadership. A financial report is presented to the Charge Conference each year and is included in the annual audit of church funds.

Who Manages the Investments?

The investments are professionally managed through the Georgia United Methodist Foundation in Peachtree Corners, Georgia (www.gumf.org). The Foundation also provides confidential consulting services at no charge to donors who are contemplating a planned gift to our church.

What is the Legacy Ministry and Permanent Endowment Fund?

A ministry established to provide members and friends of Blue Ridge UMC with the opportunity to make charitable gifts to the church that will become a permanent endowment for support of the ministries of the church. This insures a perpetual contribution to the ministry of the church because only the income is distributed for actual use. WE BELIEVE . . .

  • In perpetuating Jesus’ charge to “go forth and make disciples.”
  • In the future of our church.
  • That what we have is a trust from God.
  • In building a sense of permanence in what we do.
  • In being good stewards as a church family.
  • In providing ministries that were once only dreams.

What Types of Assets May be Gifted?

Gifts of any size are welcome and are a tax-deductible donation. Cash, insurance policies and publicly traded securities may be gifted without restriction. A 401(k) or IRA are excellent vehicles since a non-charitable heir would be taxed at regular income tax rates whereas a charitable beneficiary would not be subject to tax. Closely-held securities, real property, intangible personal property and other types of property may be gifted in accordance with the Gifts Acceptance Policy.

“Many years ago when we were preparing our first Will we ask each other what was really important to us and who had impacted us in life changing ways. We quickly realized that as a young married couple the church had become the central place of influence for us both. The church lead us to faith in Christ and discipled us toward a life of faith filled living. The decision was made then to leave a legacy endowment in thankfulness to God for the gift of His church. After moving to Blue Ridge we updated our Will to include BRUMC in this way of giving. We would encourage others to consider how even the smallest gift left to the church will reflect your legacy of love for God.” —Randy and Karin S

What Ministries does the Endowment Fund Support? Charitable endowment gifts create a meaningful legacy that provide for vital ministries that may not be funded through the regular giving of our congregation. Contributions to the fund in any amount may be designated for any one of the following established endowment funds:

  • General Endowment Fund
  • Capital Improvements & Unbudgeted Property Maintenance
  • Children & Youth Ministries
  • Music Ministries
  • Missions

A new fund may be named in memory of honor of a person(s) and/or for a specific purpose with an initial investment of $20,000 or more.

“The church has done so much for me. I don’t have a lot and do my best to contribute every Sunday. After attending a wills seminar, I realized that I could revise my will and leave a gift to the Endowment Fund in memory of my mother. I could think of no better way to honor her memory and give back to my church at the same time. It’s been a huge blessing for me.” —Mary B

In What Forms May Gifts be Made to the Endowment Fund?

Gifts may be made in the form of outright gifts during your lifetime or at death through a will. An IRA or insurance policy can be conveyed with the designation of Blue Ridge UMC as the beneficiary. Additionally, gifts may be made through charitable trusts during your lifetime or at death. The Legacy Ministry Committee and the Financial Manager can assist you in specifics of transfer.

How Can I get More Information?

Vicki Hudson, Committee Chair | (706) 455-6257
Brenda Austin, Lay Leader | (706) 374-3531
Kevin Panter, Council Chair | (706) 633-7139
Steven Miracle, Stewardship | (706) 492-5253
Dr. James Hughes, Pastor | (706) 455-7768

Join us and become an “AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST.”