United Methodist Women Circle of Grace Meeting

The daytime UMW meeting is held the third Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall Room 125.  This meeting allows for fellowship time with a devotional and program.  We alternate between a spiritual program one month and a program about local mission opportunities the next.  This is followed by a light lunch/brunch.

The evening group is for women who can’t attend on Thursday and is held at a local restaurant (check bulletin for the day, place and time).  This is a time for dinner and fellowship.  Though the evening group has no program, they do participate in the mission endeavors of the Circle of Grace and give of their time and support for special projects throughout the year.  Cathy Brakefield is the coordinator for this evening group.

Special activities and projects for the UMW are held either on a Saturday or in the evening to allow for the attendance of all members of the Circle, whether daytime or evening.  This includes workshops, retreats, and fundraising efforts for our mission projects.  Contact Suzanne Bienert at 770-490-2763 for more information on either group.  We hope you will join with us at one of our meetings soon.