One of the most challenging things to do is to visit a place that is unfamiliar. Blue Ridge United Methodist Church is designed to help you visit us with a minimum of concern. The front of the church is made of glass so you can see beyond the front door and see what people are doing. The people of the church are all committed to making you feel as welcome as they can.

Having a positive experience is very important to us.  We hope that this information will help relieve some of your concerns that come from visiting a new place. If there are any unanswered questions, please contact us.  We will be glad to help.

What to Wear

The congregation at the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church tends to dress very casually. You can choose to wear whatever is comfortable for you. They’ll be those who will be wearing jeans and button-down shirts, and those that will be wearing suits and ties. Some will wear dresses and others will wear slacks.  But overall, the congregation tends to dress seasonably casual.

When to Arrive

We recommend that you arrive between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM.  There are opportunities for fellowship during that time where you can get something to drink or a donut or some coffee. Our main service starts at 10:30 AM. So though we would like for you to come and have some time to fellowship with us before you enter into worship, you may arrive according to what kind of worship you would like to experience on your first time with us.

Where to Park

When you arrive, you will find plenty of handicap parking spaces along the front edges of the parking lot next to the church. You will also find 6 designated parking places for guests. If you are visiting with us, we ask that you park in those parking places. They are located right in front of the main entrance and will provide a convenient place to park.  Of course, park anywhere you can find an empty space.

On the days when we’re having special services or expecting a larger than normal group, there will be individuals in the parking lot to Guide you where you can park most conveniently.

Where to Enter

The church has two entrances that will be in use on Sunday mornings and other special times of the week. The front door provides easy access to the narthex and the sanctuary. On days when the weather is good, that is a recommended way to enter the church. On the South side of the church there is a portico that can be used when weather demands it. The cover allows you to unload or pickup individuals when the weather is not cooperating. This entrance allows easy access to the sanctuary and the fellowship Hall.  All the entrances to the church are handicap accessible. There should be no problem with access to the church at either of those two entrances.

Who to Meet

When you enter the church for the first time the small glass room, we call the vestibule, you will meet someone that will welcome you and ask you to sign our guestbook. We do that so that you will feel that you are welcomed and, if you desire, we could get in touch with you to express our gratitude for you visiting us. When you enter the narthex there will be plenty of refreshments to eat and drink. Many members will be in the narthex to get to know you and welcome you.  You can ask questions and find out what kind of people there are in the church. The pastor also is in the narthex during that time and you may have a chance to be introduced to him if that is your desire. The pastor would enjoy the opportunity of meeting you. The choir will also be in the Narthex for a brief time before the worship service so that you might talk to some of the musicians in the church. The choir director and some of our music leaders will also be there. The time before the worship is meant for us to welcome you, and we’re glad and honored that you’re giving us that opportunity.